What are the environmental benefits of recycling your car?

1) Recycling your scrap car or van means the metal can be reused instead of new metal being manufactured. This helps reduce the amount of harmful carbon emissions released into the environment, which can speed up processes such as global warming, because less energy is used mining and producing metal.

2) By recycling more this helps to reduce the size of landfills which can encroach on wildlife areas.

3) It has been found that one litre of engine oil is enough to contaminate over one million litres of water! When you scrap you car with a regulated scrap yard like Car Busters, your vehicle can be properly and safely disposed of fluids like oil, brake fluids, coolants and gasoline which could drastically harm the environment. 

4) Recycling scrap metal means that there is less demand on rare materials which are short-supply. This helps protect vulnerable areas in the environment which would be mined by companies for resources.

5) The uses from car scrap parts are immense. For example, tyres can be broken down and used in insulation and road surfacing and the metal can be used in new vehicles, trains, planes, and even buildings.

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